Let the sun be in charge.

The SunCrafter is a solar powered mobile charging station. Without any noise or fume pollution, cables or infrastructure, the SunCrafter can provide festival goers with a very green alternative to keeping their beloved devices charged, all festival long.

How it works

  • Simply, the customer brings his/her rechargeable device to a SunCrafter charging station. We have fitting cables for most modern devices.
  • The device is collected by our friendly staff along with noting down the customer’s first name or a secret password in the security box in which the device is charged.
  • In return the customer receives a uniquely coded NFC ticket correlated with their device, which is required for collection.
  • On average we recommend minimum 2 hours charging time, but customers are free to collect their device whenever suits best! Upon collection, the ticket will be requested along with the owner’s name or password.

Solar charging at your festival

Depending on the dimensions of your festivals, we have 2 different stations.

  • 550 charging points
    13.2m(2.20m x 6.00m) + service area
  • 180 charging points
    4.8m(2.00m x 4.00m) + service area

This area must be in an unshaded position, preferably located on the camp site towards the main gate of the festival. Absolutely no infrastructure is required. Allow your festival goers to have a charged phone all festival long!