Power to the people

Safe, clean and affordable energy for all

Decentralised renewable power supplies are essential to eradicate energy poverty and provide 1.2 billion people with reliable and clean power. Unfortunately current technologies and providers do not cater for those most in need, the furtherest and most vunerable.  The extensive travel required by a qualified and trained technician to install and repair conventional S.H.S make remote and isolated communites a financial liability and environmentally unsustainable, leaving them in the dark.

Why Suncrafter?

Simplicity: By reducing all costly and breakable external components and using certified upcycled solar panels, Suncrafter offers a long-lasting, affordable and reliable power supply for the furtherest and most vunerable.

Powerful: 200W plug & play system allows <12v devices and batteries to be simply connected and operated or charged. Plug in: lights, phones, cool boxes, wifi router, television, handheld powertools, ventilation systems, cash registers, hair trimmer, irrigation systems, car batteries, e-bikes batteries etc.

Ready-to-go: Installed and operating within minutes with no technical know-how required. Either unfold into a stand-alone unit or easily mount to rooftop with only the aid of hammer.

Safe: The unique low voltage output ensure complete electrical safety.

Connectivity: As technology improves and the grid expands, Suncrafter solar generators can connected to local and regional grids.

Become a partner

Suncrafter Solar Generators are sold only via locally owned and operated suppliers. Get in contact with us now to become a partner and bring clean and affordable power to your region!

  • Maintanence-free

  • Water Resistant & Electrically Safe

  • PAYG & Contract-free

  • Affordable

  • Installed in Minutes

  • Plug & Play: Batteries and Devices

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