access to clean and affordable power for all

Suncrafter provides off-grid solar power whereever needed. By renting a Suncrafter phone charging station for your event you help providing access to energy to a community in an energy poor region. 

Suncrafter generators are made from upcycled solar modules which otherwise would have been discarded. Because of the steep price drop in solar equipment it is today more economical for insurances to replace whole sections of solar modules instead of paying for maintenance. 

With our unique technology we reconfigure these modules into a powerful one-unit solar system, which is easy-to -use, safe and affordable for users in rural areas. By eliminating every part of the conventional system which is breakable we achieve a maintenance free and robust plug & play system.

I Europe Suncrafter solar generators are used as outdoor charging stations for phones and other devices. The stations are fully customizable and can be branded in your company design. While you provide your guests with a valuable service you at the same time support a rural community in Africa by lowering the price of the generators for them. 

Let us do good and talk about it. Let us power the world without consuming the earth.

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Your Suncrafter team.