The green charging station

More than just a carbon zero phone charging station – SolarHubs can be used to power everything from visual displays, stand lighting, computers to photobooths and stereo systems.

Solar powered phone charging stations and solar generators

No infrastructure required

Ready to go in seconds

Completely safe
(Safety Extra Low Voltage)

Prime advertising space

Charge up to 20 devices simultaneously

Secure locker system

IQ wireless charging

All weather proof

Ideal for outdoor and indoor use

EU Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU, CE compliant, Saftey class 3, Fire safe B

Wind resistant up to 120-130km/h

Lithium-ion battery

Corporate branding packages available

Need a phone charging station for inside? No problem, our Hubs can simply be plugged into a power point.

Worried about rainy days and little sunshine? Dont worry, our Hubs are waterproof and still produce enough power even on cloudy days. They also come packed with a large back up solar battery.

Completely safe, completely eco, completely SunCrafter

Rent a charging station

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